Steps I had to take to get my Capistrano, Bitbucket set up working

Capistrano is an open source tool for running scripts on multiple servers; its main use is deploying web applications. It automates the process of making a new version of an application available on one or more web servers, including supporting tasks such as changing databases.


  • Local git enabled project with git (not https) remote of bitbucket repo added.
  • Remote server with ssh access set up with project folder, git enabled with remote of bitbucket repo added.

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A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy for Your Business or Product to Boost Presence and Sales

Having researched social marketing strategy thoroughly and implemented it the last couple of years. Here I share with you a guide for my findings as well as how to bring it bang up to date for 2015.

For years, SEO has been one of the key foundations of digital marketing and that is only going to strengthen in importance. Is your SEO strategy focused on satisfying the search engine algorithms or is it focused on improving your user’s experience, answering their needs, and facilitating their search for knowledge? All brands must develop a sustainable organic search strategy that involves a dedicated consumer-focused approach that answers questions, entertains, and helps customers through every stage of the buying cycle. It’s about total online brand presence, not just keyword rankings. Contine reading

Create a CRUD Test with MAMP, Slim, Redbeans PHP, Twig, Jquery UI and AJAX

Recently I’ve been learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails but I wanted to get up and running faster with some CRUD functionality on some of my existing websites. I didn’t want to use a full blown stack like Drupal, so I started looking into micro-php frameworks and found Slim.

Slim is a PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and APIs. Contine reading

Using Google Trends To Research Markets

Google Trends is a public web facility of Google Inc., based on Google Search, that shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world.

If you are starting a business then Google Trends is a useful way to find out what people are searching for on the internet. Its based on Google Search and the website is You can either compare search terms with each other or view via categories or current hot trends. Contine reading

WordPress Export XML Get Words and Sort by Frequency with Ruby and Nokogiri

I wanted to visualise occurrences of words on a blog I have at with the D3 library.

So I exported the xml file from WordPress Tools->export. Then I am using Nokogiri to parse the items in the file, get the post content, split that into words, trim whitespace, sanitize with the Sanitize gem count the occurences and put them into a hash and then sort by occurences. I will then use this for my D3 visualisation probably showing word frequency similar to the word bubble visualisation.

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How do I use the Google Analytics API class from the Eden PHP project to access Analytics Data?

Often APIs are a pain. However, the Eden PHP Project is here to save the day. Here I demonstrate how to access Analytics data using the Google API and Eden. Remember to set up your credentials in the Google Developers Console / Google Cloud and set permissions for your Analytics user to be accessed from the account you are authorising with. I also used krumo() to display vars. Contine reading